Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mi Poesía :)

Que puedo decir?
Que cosa?
Peru, hay posibilidades en todos lados.
La historia es escrita en las almas, pequeñas y simples, y es escondida en los sueños, luces que iluminan el paisaje para ti.
Pero para mi, hay 2 sueños.
Y para mi, donde esta el sueño?
Peru, mi hermano, no voy a olvidarte.
Tu historia, tu canción.
Estas a dentro, has sido así del principio.
Que todo pasa por una razón.
Y así es la despedida
Hasta Luego, Solo Hasta Luego.

So I have and haven't forsaken this blog. I have big plans to have a massive blogging party and post pictures of two trips, my thoughts on Peru now, and my life in LIMA!

I would like to share some leeeetle nuggets of some things that I love as well as some things I have been up too in and around this big, crazy, problematic, lovely, profound, historical, full of memories city, that is Lima that I love.

Fotos: Inka Cola (my life blood and the most refreshing soda EVER), went parasailing with my family of the coast of Lima, Kody came and visited and we went to the beaches south, I always go on random city adventures with Haley (my lovely roommate) and we found this random military war hero park with that cue little fountain, and finally, PICARONES, my favorite desert here: fried dough with syrup piping hot off the street (kind of like fritters)


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