Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Goodbye (with some new hellos)

My first week and a half in Lima have been crazy busy. I have already been to Machu Picchu, Cusco, and have spent the this last week trying out many classes so I can register next week at PUCP or La Catolica.

I am going to write about the last week in a half in 4 entries so here is my first one!

My trip began with a drive to Fargo from Minot. Kody, my parents, and I stopped in Bismarck so I could say goodbye to my good friend Ali, but then she surprised us and decided to come with. My last night in the USA was spent meeting my new baby cousin Aaron, and then having a huge fiesta at IHOP with amazing friends (love all you Fargo Folk so much!).

Of course I was nervous and cried at the airport, but I got meet two ISA friends on the trip to Lima.

When we arrived we were met by ISA folk and my first culture shock was the traffic. I am not sure if there are traffic lines are not, but nobody follows them. Our driver side swiped a car even before we left the airport, and the only thing that was done was informing an official letting cars out of the airport parking lot!

List of past times I did my last weekend in the U.S.A!
  1. Spent the day at the lake
  2. Played frisbee, bocce ball, and a rousing game of night time kick ball at Nikki’s birthday party (The Saints, my team, won. HOLLA)
  3. Mini golfed
  4. BBQ’s
  5. Pot luck
  6. Went to a wedding and then crashed another wedding
  7. Went to Walmart (haha)
  8. Ate breakfast for supper (IHOP!)
  9. Drank a TON of Coca-Cola

God, bless the USA with Your Presence! Hasta luego, until I see you again...


  1. SIbbbbby

    Lovin this. Missin you.

    Keep writing.

  2. awesome blog pics, didn't know you were into photography.
    BTW - you're still in America...only it's the Southern Hemisphere